Total Track has evolved over the last few decades into one of the country’s fastest growing and most aspiring tracking service providers in the industry.
Our Total Track tracking units are engineered and designed with unique features ensuring that we offer a product that not only competes against the industry’s leading competitors, but also raises the safety standards of vehicle tracking in the industry as a whole.
   We started off in the car sound and security industry, which presented multiple opportunities to acquire tons of knowledge and experience in the automotive industry, we expanded into the vehicle tracking industry, winning multiple awards for best sales and quality fitments achievements. We have always prioritised excellent customer service and dedication to our services to ensure the safety and security of our clients.


Total Track offers revolutionary tracking products and services, designed and engineered with multiple technological advances and breakthroughs in the car tracking industry.

We are dedicated to serving our customers and communities, as well as dominate the market with the safest and most effective / efficient and reliable tracking units available in South Africa.

Our recipe for success –  Safety is our first priority, combined with exceptional customer service, guaranteed product quality and competitive pricing. We strive for excellence.



By combining the industry’s knowledge of tracking units and services available to our market, various service providers, the security measures that they undertake, as well as the efforts that these companies undergo to ensure the safety and well-being of their customers. This allowed us to perfect our own services and dedicate ourselves to the security needs of our fellow South Africans 

Our team of professionals are have done extensive research to design and engineer the tracking units that we offer, completely unique to the industry

Whereby take pride in raising the standards of vehicle tracking, safety and security in South Africa